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How to appoint a meeting in an unfamiliar city and explain where you are? How to invite friends to a picnic and direct them to the meadow in the wood or park? How to mark the place of a successful fishing to go back there next time? How to memorize a cafe you liked and to tell your acquaintances about it?Adroid-application SharePoi serves the purpose. A simple functionality and clear interface - these are its main advantages over other similar programs. With SharePoi you will be able:
• to memorize the point and mark it in the GoogleMaps; • to specify the POI category (cafe, a meeting place, etc.); • to transmit location's coordinates via SMS to your friends's phones; • to transmit location's coordinates via Skype or Viber;• to open POI via Google Maps, Yandex Navigator and other supported geo:• to accept geo and “” from other applications;• to assign any business or entertaining event associated with a point; • to plot a route to the POI; • to take your bearings when approaching the point with the help of the radar function;• to import/export database with POI. Make backups and restore in case you replace phone.
There are no complex settings: once installed, the application is immediately ready for use.
To save a point it would be enough to mark it on the map, select a category from the existing or create a new one and assign a name. Send the saved coordinates any time to the people in your contacts list, with a date and time of the planned events added. Received and sent messages are stored in the Inbox and Outbox, from where you can immediately locate the POI on the map.
The application allows you to mark a point, transmit it or find it on the radar even when there is no mobile Internet or when you are experiencing any connection issues and GoogleMaps is not available.
With the SharePoi app you will never be lost, will not lose your friends, and will always find your honey hole locations.